Truck Owners Association submits note to Federal Minister John Barra

Truck Owners Association submits note to Federal Minister John Barra


DHUBRI: Dhubri-Golakganj Truck Owners’ Association (DGTOA) recently submitted a memorandum of understanding to the Ministry of Minority Affairs at the Banarhat Mansion in Alipur, West Bengal, claiming the weighing of underloaded trucks by M / SToofanganj Construction. did. & Engineering Company Pvt Ltd has installed a barrier at NH-31 in Bakshirhat, West Bengal, near the border between Assam and West Bengal.

In the memorandum, DGTOA claimed that overloading of trucks was banned long ago, but M / S Toofanganj Construction & Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, in cooperation with the West Bengal government, charges 229 rupees per truck. I illegally forced money in the name of weighing a truck. .. Several complaints have been filed against Coochbehar’s local security judge, but district authorities have not taken any action so far.

Talking to DGTOA’s secretary, Sentinel, Sujit Paul informed him that it is not possible to weigh a lightly loaded vehicle in accordance with the Automobile Law. Only relevant vehicles can be brought in for weighing only if the government suspects that the vehicle is overloaded. However, Paul further pointed out that the law clearly does not charge for weighing under loaded vehicles. Paul said the federal minister gave them patient hearings and ensured that the delegation investigated the request and did what was needed.

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