Transform Karbi Anglong into one of India's top districts: CM Himanta

Transform Karbi Anglong into one of India’s top districts: CM Himanta


BOKAJAN: Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma, who is making a noisy visit to the poll-bound Calvi Anron district, makes a series of daily public releases to strengthen support for BJP candidates in the 2022 KAAC election. I am attending a meeting. Those who visited the district for five days attended a total of 19 public meetings covering all 26 constituencies in the voting-bound Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong districts.

The Prime Minister arrived in the poll area on Monday and attended three public meetings in Birshinki, Ronmonbu and Salhiajan for members of Chinton, Sockendenta, Salpasar and Bocajan. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister addressed four public rallies in Socken, Ronkan, Duaruamla, Nilip, Kopili, Langfar, and Singhhason at four public rallies in Baisalangso, Chokihora, Kheroni, and Vacaria.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister addressed four election rallies in the MAC constituencies of Nomaty, Mahamaya, Hamren, Amren, Dansili and Howragat in Dengaan, Hamren, Dansili and Beriguri. On Friday, the Prime Minister addressed MAC members of Amren, Corkanti, Borjan, and Deopani at four public rallies in Jirikenden, Dentagat, Heidipi, and Santiple. On Saturday, the Prime Minister ended the campaign at Karbi Anglong after addressing four public rallies at Deithor, Dongkamukam, Tarabasa, and Diphu covering Duar-Bagori, Rongkhang, Hamren, Bithung Rengthama, Phuloni, and Lumbajong MAC Constituencies. did.

For an election rally at the Hanjan Lanso Sports Association Playground under Bocajan MAC members, the Prime Minister has decided to solve the long-awaited land-patta problem of non-tribal people living in Bokajan members. Guaranteed to the locals. The Prime Minister also said that Bocajan would soon be declared a district, promising all possible support for improving road connectivity and developing the local economy.

The Prime Minister also vowed to transform the Kalbi Anlong district into one of India’s top districts and urged everyone to vote in favor of the BJP in the next vote on June 8. “There is no medical college in Nagaland, but in Karbi Anlong. Similarly, there is no cancer hospital in Nagaland to date, but a cancer hospital is under construction in Dip. There is a veterinary college and an agricultural college. KarbiAnglong soon. . ”