Training program for farm producers at KVK in Sonitopur

Training program for farm producers at KVK in Sonitopur

TEZPUR: From June 6th to June 8th, a three-day training program was held at KVK in Sonitopur with the technical support of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

The main purpose of the training was to educate Farmer Producers (FRCs) on the various techniques needed to enhance FPC. A total of 25 farmers from three FPCs: Geuti A Garaka, Sootea, Biswanath, Nobomilan Agro Producer Co. Ltd, Sonitpur, Den Multipurpose Agro Produce Company and Lakhimpur participated.

Dr. Roji Chutia of SMS, Agriculture, Node Officer, APART, KVK and Sonitopur welcomed the participants and explained the importance of direct sowing of rice. Scientists Vivek Kumar, Ankita Sahu, and IRRI acted as training resource persons to discuss integrated pest management, nursery management, and various methods of mechanical transplantation of rice. A hands-on demonstration program on the preparation of mechanical transplanters and mat nurseries was also held by KVK Sonitpur’s APART research engineers Goutam Borah, Debajit Bhuyan and Rajib Sahu. FPC members were pleased with the training program and finally provided valuable feedback.

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