Training program ends at Dibrugarh University

Training program ends at Dibrugarh University

DIBRUGARH: The training program on capacity building and leadership development sponsored by NSS Cell at the University of Dibrugarh on campus ended on Saturday. The training program was attended by more than 500 volunteers from approximately 50 NSS College units under the control of the NSS Cell at the University of Dibrugarh. Participants began on the morning of the second day with a yoga session led by Rajkumar Bharali, an assistant professor at the Center for Physical Education and Sports Research, who is also a yoga expert.

The next session was held on ICT skills and the role of young people, with Dr. Himadori Berman, assistant professor and assistant program coordinator, NSS Cell Management Research Center, University of Dibrugarh, as a resource person. He talked about the importance of ICT and emphasized the proper use of ICT so that volunteers can maximize their benefits while avoiding adverse effects such as social media addiction. The third session was conducted by Dr. Amar Upadhyaya, an assistant professor of education at the University of Dibrugarh and a program officer of the NSSDUPG unit on NEP2020 and the role of youth.

He asked the participants about their understanding of NEP2020 and gave various explanations. The last session of the day was held by Dr. Nirmal Kumar Sahewara, a renowned doctor and owner of the Aditya Hospital in Dibrugarh. He pondered stress, anxiety and youth. In his noble story, he went down the path of memory and shared anecdotes about his life to explain the causes of stress and anxiety. He also called on volunteers to identify possible causes of stress and anxiety so that timely precautions could be taken. He also called on volunteers to lead a disciplined life and pay attention to time management to lead a more fruitful life. According to him, people should have big dreams and move away from negativity.

The training program ended with the Valedictry feature, which is head guest of Professor Slagit Volkotoky of Dibrugarh University, Department of Mathematics and Chief Warden.

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