Train Signal Melts, Fire Alarm Goes Off In Theatre As Heatwave Roasts UK

The Train Signal melts and the Fire Alarm goes off in Theatre as Heatwave Roasts UK

British train services suffered major disruption on Wednesday due to wildfires that erupted from extreme temperatures. The fire caused by the melting of signalling equipment resulted in significant damage and destruction.  Network Rail, as well as other operators have posted pictures online that show the level crossing being damaged between King’s Cross (King’s Cross) and Peterborough.

All over the internet, videos showing the damage caused by the record heat spread quickly. These videos show houses being destroyed by massive fires in East London, and another showing forest on the sidelines of highways.

A fire alarm went off in one theatre due to record heat because of this. The Globe Theatre video shows employees running for shelter as water is released from the sprinkler system.

“When global warming sets off your thatched roof’s anti-Puritan/cannonfire sprinklers,” actor George Fouracres said on Twitter while posting the video from the theatre.