Train engine, car crash in Dibrugarh's Chabua

Train engine, car crash in Dibrugarh’s Chabua

Dibrugarh: On Monday, a train engine crashed into a Marti Alto car at an unmanned railroad crossing in the Kamalgaon district of Chabua in the Dibrugarh district.

The car (AS-06-AD-0911) was damaged in the collision, but no one was injured. The driver of the car, whose escape route was narrow, left the accident site immediately after the accident. He has not been identified yet.

Locals lifted the damaged car off the railroad tracks before railroad officials and police arrived at the scene.

“Suddenly a car driver appeared and tried to cross the railroad track. Immediately applied the emergency brake and the engine hit the car. But the impact was not so great. The driver could get out of the car before hitting the car. I was able to do it. He left before contacting him. ”

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