"Tragedy of justice": UP Leader Azam Khan's Surpeme Court on Delayed Bail

"Tragedy of justice": UP Leader Azam Khan’s Surpeme Court on Delayed Bail

“This is a tragedy of justice,” the Supreme Court said on Friday, complaining that Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan was late in hearing his bail application in the case of robbing land.

Judge L. Nageswara Lao and Judge BR Gabai said Mr. Khan had received 86 out of 87 bail and would hear the case on May 11.

“He (Khan) has been on bail for a long time on all but one thing. This is a tragedy of justice. I say nothing more. I hear it on Wednesday,” Bench said.

A lawyer who appeared in Mr. Khan told the Supreme Court that the High Court has reserved a verdict on the bail application.

On Thursday, the Allahabad High Court withheld an order regarding Khan’s bail application in the event of acquisition of enemy property for a project at Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.