Touchdown Mumbai After 10-Day Power Trip: Sena Rebels Back As Victors But Not Home Yet

Touchdown after power trip Mumbai: Rebels are back as victors but not yet at home

The man who ran Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra is now fighting to save his lost heritage, driven by power. It is now the responsible person who led the rebellion. Finally, Mutiner returned home and the chess board pieces were rearranged.

Eknath Shinde’s rebel Senna has returned from Goa to Mumbai today. Ten days after some of them started this power trip, they stopped in three BJP-controlled states. It began with the core group driving to Surat, Gujarat, then flying to Assam and refueling in Guwahati. By the time the party moved to Goa, BJP’s hands were barely visible anyway, but had Laddu and were ready to jump out.

They’re still at the hotel because Uddhav Thacke wasn’t seated, Gore was done properly, danced on the table, and everything was done, but not at home before the two important days of the rally. , I’m back in Mumbai.

Tomorrow, we will start a special two-day rally session to select speakers and vote for trust. Due to the strong number of BJPs, rebel-led governments could give way. But that’s the politics of it-brave and successful, but still not free from legal entanglement.

The chairman’s post has been vacant since Congress’s Nana Patall resigned as party’s head of state last year. It was moderated by NCP Vice-Chair Narhari Zirwal, one of the three partners of the Shiv Sena-led government, who was not seated. He has already sent a notice of disqualification to some rebels under the Anti-Defective Act, which is now in the Supreme Court. The next inquiry is more than a week away.