Today's Big Order over shooting inside the Gambapi Mosque in Varanasi

Today’s Big Order over shooting inside the Gambapi Mosque in Varanasi

A court in Varanasi will rule today in a case related to the inspection of the Gann Vapimosque next to the iconic Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

In April of this year, the court ordered an inspection of a petition by five Hindu women seeking annual access to prayers at a Hindu shrine behind the west wall of the Gambapimosque complex in Varanasi. This site is currently open for prayer once a year. Women are also seeking permission to pray to other “visible and invisible gods in the old temple complex.” The district court had previously instructed authorities to submit a report by May 10.

The investigation began last Friday, but has not been fully completed due to the controversy over video recording inside the mosque. The Gannvapi Mosque Caretaker Commission and its lawyers have stated that they are opposed to videotaping inside the mosque. However, the petitioner’s lawyer alleged that they took the initiative in court.

The court will also decide today whether to replace the commissioner who oversees the investigation and allow video recording within the mosque.

“The role of the commissioner appointed to the court is biased and there is no such order by the court to enter the mosque,” Abhay Nath Yadav, a lawyer for the Gyanvapi Mosque Management Committee, told Bibarud.

“In previous cases, a civil judge declared the mosque to be the property of Muslims. Plaintiffs did not seek the removal of the mosque,” Yadav added.