Tiran district administration is preparing to overcome flood conditions

Tiran district administration is preparing to overcome flood conditions

KOKRAJHAR: The administration of the Chirang district has made sufficient preparations to overcome the flood situation in the district during the rainy season. “We are ready to face an injustice situation during a flood,” Chirang DC Narendra Kr. Shah said at a meeting on Monday. The Tiran district administration is taking all possible preparatory steps to face the unjustified conditions that can occur in the event of a flood.

This was informed by Deputy Secretary of State Narendra Modi Shah during a press conference at the conference hall of Deputy Secretary’s Office in Kajargaon on Monday. He reported that, based on his past experience, the villages were mapped based on flood vulnerabilities and classified into high vulnerabilities, moderate and low vulnerabilities. “Relief shelter locations have already been identified in various parts of the district for immediate relocation of victims from the disaster area. In total, 96 locations in all three revenue circles are venture revenue circles. Identified as 39 locations in Sidli Revenue Circle 14, 43 in Bijni Revenue Circle, to provide immediate GR assistance to affected people, vendors, or suppliers. ”

He has already allocated 100 MT of rice to the Tiran area under the Open Market Sales Scheme (OMSS) for distribution during floods by the Assam state government and 50% prepayment for hustle-free lifting of rice. Has notified FCI, Bongai Gaon that it is being paid, which can occur at a critical time. “Also, for flood-affected animals, wheat bran, rice bran, etc. will be arranged, and in cooperation with the Veterinary Department and Tiran’s Krisibigan Kendra, green feed will be provided on about 18 Viga lands in the district. Arranged to grow them. These are also available if needed. ”

Regarding rescue arrangements, he said the Kajargaon Fire Department currently has three functional inflatable rubber boats (IRBs) with five SDRF personnel and NDRF teams stationed in the Bongaigaon area throughout the flood season. I told you. Plan to mobilize support from the SSB and the Army for such rescue operations and warn all department heads throughout the monsoon season to act in accordance with the department’s emergency response plan whenever a flood occurs. I ask you not to neglect.

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