Assam Woman

Three-year trial of an Assam woman meeting her son who was switched to the hospital

In a strange incident in the Barpeta district of Assam, three years after the hospital switched newborns, the woman was finally able to unite with her son, following court instructions.

Three years ago, two pregnant women were admitted to a government-run hospital in the Barpeta district of Assam and gave birth to two babies, one of whom was stillborn.

In the turmoil, the hospital handed over a living baby to another woman instead of the actual mother because of the similar names.

According to the court’s instructions, the original mother was able to give birth to a baby three years later, according to DNA reports.

Reportedly, on May 3, 2019, Nazma Khanam, a pregnant woman from Barpeta, gave birth to her son at a government-run hospital.

The woman was admitted to the ICU after the baby was born, the infant was admitted to the nursery room, and a few hours later, hospital staff handed over the infant’s corpse to Nazuma Kanam’s family.