Three reasons to worry about the ongoing heat wave in India

Three reasons to worry about the ongoing heat wave in India

Some parts of India are upset under intense heat waves, and the Meteorological Bureau predicts that extreme conditions will last for at least five days. Today, temperatures have exceeded 46 degrees Celsius in several places in Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi.

What kind of temperature
Delhi recorded the second hottest April in 1972, with an average monthly maximum temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius in the capital. Average temperatures in New Delhi over the past six weeks have been more than four degrees higher than normal.

Rajasthan was burned in harsh heat on Friday, with Dolpool being the hottest at 46.5 degrees Celsius. The Jodhpur and Bikaner districts are expected to record highs of 45 to 47 degrees Celsius on May 1.

Long heat wave
Climate change experts say the duration of intense heat waves is more worrisome than high temperatures.

“The importance of the current Indian / Pakistan heat wave is not to break records (although various records have fallen), but to a very long period of time. The last six weeks have repeatedly challenged the top of the historical range. And I’ve burned this part up. The world, “says Dr. Robert Lord, chief scientist at Berkeley Earth.