Three people drown.Corpse recovered on the Demou River

Three people drown.Corpse recovered on the Demou River

Demonstration: A tragic incident took place in Demechikerekonigaon near Nitaikkuri. It is alleged that Kalyangogoi, a resident of Nitaikh Kurihaporachuk, and his family were drowned on the Demou River on Thursday morning and died.

Kalyan Gogoi was a teacher at a private school in Nitaikhuri. The SDRF team recovered Kalyan Gogoi’s Scotty (AS 04 G 7596) on Thursday, but was unable to recover the body. The SDRF team joined Kalyan Gogoy, his wife Dipa Gogoy, and his daughter Priya Darsini (4) from the River Demou on Friday on the second day of a search under the supervision of the administration and police of Demou and Moran. The body was recovered.

Moran police sent three bodies after his death. Kalyan Gogoi accused Dimpi Chetia and her husband in a Facebook post Thursday morning, and after the incident, Nitaipukhuri police arrested Jitu Tapan Chetia and his wife Dimpi Chetia on Thursday.

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