3 Children Missing As Boat Carrying Flood-Affected People Capsizes In Assam

Three children missing as flood-affected people in Assam as boats carrying ships

Officials said Saturday that a boat carrying flood-affected people was moored in the Hojai district of Assam, three children were missing and 21 were rescued.

They said a group of 24 villagers had safely moved from the flooded Islampur village when the boat sank into a brick kiln late Friday night and was taken prisoner in the Raikota area.

“National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) personnel have rescued 21 people and a search is underway to track down the three missing children,” said Hojai. Anupam Choudhury told PTI.

He urged people not to risk and to adventure in the dark in flooded areas.

“If people want to move to a safer place, they need to contact the district administration. We evacuate them by NDRF and SDRF boats,” he said.

The Kopiri River flooded vast lands, affecting more than 55,150 people in the area. It was also severely affected by the first wave of floods earlier this year.