"Those who want to leave make a new Shiv Sena": Uddhav Thackley

"Those who want to leave make a new Shiv Sena": Uddhav Thackley

On Friday night, Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke made a rebellious statement in an attempt to rob rebel leaders Enato Sinde and BJP from those who voted for Shiv Sena’s executives and the party, BJP. Accused him of trying to end Sena. ..

In a virtual speech to the party’s co-workers, he said that the general Shiv Sena worker was his “wealth” and as long as they were with him, he didn’t mind criticism from others. Stated.

Shiv Sena was “betrayed by his own people” because his government faced a crisis after the majority of Sena MLA joined Enato Sinde, who was camping in Guwahati, he said.

“Even though many are eager to do the same, we have given them tickets to run for these rebel elections. These people have been elected thanks to your efforts. Dissatisfied afterwards, you are standing by the party at this important time. I can’t thank you. Mr. Thackeray, who is also President Shiv Sena, told the party members.

“I told Eknath Shinde to investigate the alliance partner’s complaint. He told me that MPs are putting pressure on him that Sena should partner with BJP. I told him. I told them to bring these MLAs. Discuss this. BJP treated us badly. They didn’t keep their promises. Many rebels filed proceedings against them. So they If you go with the BJP they will be clean and if they were with us they would go to jail. Is this a sign of friendship? “Sackerley asked.