No Proposal For New Airport In Assam, Says Aviation Minister

There are no proposals for a new airport in Assam, says the Minister of Aviation.

The controversy over the proposed airport project at Drouty Estate in Assam’s Kacha district went in another direction on Wednesday.

Federal Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia told Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev that the ministry had not received a proposal to set up an airport in the area.

In the first half of RTI’s response, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said the same thing.

The issue of Drutty Estate has been in the midst of controversy for over a month after the Assam state government requested tea plantation owners to acquire 1,500 acres of land and establish an airport.

On May 12, protests broke out in the Larberg district of Drouty Estate when the district administration deployed a bulldozer to clean up the tea plantations to acquire the proposed airport land.

Hundreds of tea plantation workers faced heavy rains and rushed to the scene, ignoring the ban on large-scale rallies in the area. Workers put up a slogan against the destruction of garden plantations. The state cabinet recently announced compensation of 10,000 rupees each to 1,263 tea plantation workers as a well-meaning gesture from the government.