The Subansiri River flows beyond dangerous levels and floods flood more than 50 villages

The Subansiri River flows beyond dangerous levels and floods flood more than 50 villages

LAKHIMPUR: Creating a disturbing threat of turmoil and massive floods in the lower reaches of the Subsnsiri River, flooding over the main dam of the Subsnsiri Lower Hydropower Project (SLHP) continued for the second day. The Mega River Dam project was built by NHPC Limited in Jerkamukh, on the Assam Arnachar border in the Demaji district, and is exposed to the wrath of nature this year as it was last year. Heavy rains over the past few days in Arunachal Pradesh have begun to flood the Subansiri River in the SLHP catchment area, resulting in water flowing into the project’s main dam from Thursday. night.

As a result, ongoing construction work on the project has been canceled and some infrastructure has been reported to have been damaged. Currently, the project’s powerhouse is operating under the flooded waters of the Subansiri River. Landslides also affected the tunnel.

NHPC Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) AK Singh announced that SLHP will be in service in August of this year while visiting the project two months ago. Meanwhile, the new Renewable Energy Minister of Power, RK Singh, who visited SLHP on June 13 and 14 for a two-day program, also declared that the project would be commissioned by the end of this year or by the start. next year’s. He also said that the large-scale anti-SLHP upset initiated by various organizations was sponsored by funds received from abroad.

Despite these arrogant declarations and statements, the phenomenon of water rolling over a 116-meter-high dam in a project currently under construction has become a major problem in the Lakinpur and Demaji districts. In August of last year, flooded water rolled over the project’s main dam and flooded more than 100 villages downstream of the Subansiri River.

The water level of the Subansiri River has risen downstream since Friday morning. According to a report from the Rakinpur Division of the Department of Water Resources at the time of submission of this report, the river is flowing above the dangerous level at the measurement points of Dargat, Gancharai and Silicagri on the second day (Saturday). As a result, the flooded water of the river flooded more than 50 villages under Gunasti, Pubterahi, Rohit Cabal and Panigaongaon Panchayat under the North Rakinpur Revenue Circle.

Meanwhile, the managing director of SLHP on Friday said that rolling water on the dam is part of the normal release of the dam. According to him, the project’s detour tunnel is designed to discharge 5,000 cubic meters of water above the dam and must be discharged through a designed process.