Over 500 families living on the Assam railroad tracks to survive the flood

The story of despair in the flooded Assam district

The main rail line from northeast to east of the country is now a refuge for people fleeing the floods of southern Assam.

The tarpaulin tent next to the railroad tracks currently has about 300 families living in the Bajari district of Assam. Their village, Shimuraguri, is currently flooded.

For Lina Rajbondi, it’s her fourth night without electricity, clean drinking water, and proper food. She is busy cooking her only meal of the day on a rattling stove.

“We manage one meal a day, but it’s still difficult to make. The stove is broken and there is no kerosene. I have no money or candles to buy. Food inventory ends early. “She said. Bibarud.

Authorities face the dual challenge of sending groceries to those who have moved to rescue camps and assessing and rescuing those who are stuck.

70 km from Bajari is Kamarupool in the Kamarupool district, where nearly 10,000 rupees in 65 villages have been flooded.