The state government is committed to preserving and beautifying historical resources: CM

The state government is committed to preserving and beautifying historical resources: CM

During his visit, Dr. Salma was grateful to see all the relics, including books and other documents, the bed he slept on when Gandhi visited Poki, and the mirror he brought from Belgium.

After that, Prime Minister Salma participated in a program to interact with the elderly in Tezpur at Poki hosted by Joti Barati. At an interactive meeting, the Prime Minister said that Lupukonwar Joti Prasad Agarwara, Karaguru Bishnu Prasad Raba and Natasria Fani Sharma have established and strengthened a strong foundation for Assam culture. He said the state government has promised to protect this rich cultural heritage of Assam. He also called on all members of the younger generation to visit Poki. He said that with the Department of National Museums, measures will be taken to preserve all Poke items using the latest technology. In this contest, he asked Sonitopur DC to discuss with all the major citizens of Tezpur and draft a mechanism for scientifically preserving all of Poki’s belongings. He said funding would not be a constraint.

Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Ashok Singhal, MP Pallab Lochan Das, MLA Prithvi Raj Rabha, Krishna Kamal Tanti, and several major citizens attended this opportunity. As her bystander, the child prodigy Lakhya Bijay Kalita presented her two self-written books to Dr. Sarma.

After that, Prime Minister Salma visited the heavily devastated Chok Bazaar last May. During the visit, Dr. Salma also spent time with shopkeepers and merchants and interacted with them. He also inspected the infrastructure being built in the aftermath of a catastrophic fire. After a catastrophic fire, state governments should be aware that traders have expanded their financial support to rebuild their establishments. He also requested Ashok Singhal, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, to take steps as soon as possible to rehabilitate the shopkeeper.

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