7 More Dead In Assam Floods, Worst-Hit Silchar Town Situation Still Grim

The situation in the worst-hit Silchar town remains harsh, with seven more dead in the Assam floods

In Assam, seven more deaths have been reported from floods and landslides in the last 24 hours, even though floods have begun to recede in most areas.

The catastrophic flood has killed 107 people since April and affected more than Rs 450,000 in 30 districts of the state.

The worst impact was on the town of Sirchar in the Barak Valley, which has been in a very difficult situation for four days now. Nearly 30,000 rupees have been affected by the flooding of the Barak River, which floods major towns in southern Assam, and has moved more than 71,000 people to relief camps.

Due to the lack of food and electricity and a serious shortage of drinking water, the town now relies on airdrops of food and necessities by the central and state disaster forces, in addition to the military and air force.

Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma yesterday conducted an aerial survey of the areas affected by the Silchar floods.

“More troops are involved in rescue operations. We airlift 10,000 rupees of drinking water from Guwahati to Silchar every day. We also airlift engineers and engineers in the power sector to ship electric transformers. We are repairing it, “he said.