Investments Worth Rs 92,000 Crore In Implementation, Says Assam Chief Minister

The Prime Minister of Assam has stated that he will make an investment worth Rs 92,000.

Assam Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma said on Friday that the project with an investment of Rs 920 billion is in various stages of implementation in the state’s public and private sectors.

He also said that the issues raised by entrepreneurs during the meeting were mostly resolved.

In a series of tweets at the end of the two-day talks between the business leader and his representatives here, Salma said: state. “I’m happy to share that most of the issues raised during the interaction with 62 industry representatives have been resolved,” he said. The prime minister argued that the state’s industrialization would accelerate and create more employment opportunities.

Minister of Industry and Commerce Bimal Bora, who also attended the meeting, said interacting with businessmen would help ensure seamless growth in the industrial sector.

“In addition to playing an important role in the rapid resolution of problems and the implementation of recommendations, such interactive sessions between entrepreneurs and governments will certainly lead to the state’s more robust and seamless industrial progress and development. It will be connected, “Bora wrote on Twitter.