"The Prime Minister meets him with dignity, but ...": Sumriti Iranis Rams KCR

"The Prime Minister meets him with dignity, but …": Sumriti Iranis Rams KCR

Federal Chancellor Smriti Irani saw today the “insult to the institution” of Telangana Prime Minister K Chandra Shekarlao, who chose not to accept Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Hyderabad for the BJP’s National Executive Meeting. She called the KCR a dictator and said it “violated not only the constitution but also cultural traditions.”

Earlier, Prime Minister KCR attacked Prime Minister Modi at a campaign event for Yashwant Sinha, an opposition candidate for the presidential election scheduled for July 18. The boss of TelanganaRashtraSamiti (TRS) calls Prime Minister Modi a “salesman” and India’s claim is a lie. He did not welcome Prime Minister Modi, but a few hours earlier he welcomed Yashwant Singha at the airport.

Mr. Irani’s counterattack occurred shortly afterwards, adopting the “dynasty politics” argument. “Politics can be a circus for the KCR family. For us, it is a medium of national policy … Telangana is doing dynasty politics today. India should never follow this.”

“The Prime Minister meets him with the utmost dignity and respect,” she said.

She disputed KCR’s claim that Telangana has a development model to follow throughout India. “An organization that does not take responsibility for accepting the prime minister, who believes that it is a responsibility to serve the family, can never be a role model for the country.”