On Supreme Court

The Minister of Justice states this about the Supreme Court’s remarks on Nupur Sharma.

On Saturday, the day after the Supreme Court resigned from BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma because of controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, Federal Justice Minister Kiren Rigiju said he would discuss the issue on the right platform. rice field.

“First, as Minister of Justice, it is not appropriate to comment on the Supreme Court’s decisions and views. The court bench,” Rigiju told ANI in Hyderabad, who was attending the Bharatiya Janata Party’s national executive meeting.

“I don’t want to comment if I don’t like the ruling or if I seriously disagree with the way I observe,” the minister said.

Last week, the Supreme Court made a strong verbal observation of Nupur Sharma’s comments on the television debate, arguing that she was responsible for the state of domestic violence.

“There is a reaction, and we have received many statements and messages to respond to it, but we will discuss it in the appropriate forums,” the Federal Justice Minister added.