"The main purpose of Mahapuru and Daruma is to build a unified society."

“The main purpose of Mahapuru and Daruma is to build a unified society.”

LAKHIMPUR: The closing ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration hosted by the undivided Lakhimpur District Committee of Srimanta Sankardev Sangha (Shrimanta Sankardev Sangha, Abibhakta Lakhimpur Zila Sakha) was successful on Sunday. The two-day long agenda event from Saturday was hosted by the organizations Dinabandhu Anchalik Sakha and Chintamoni Prathamik Sakha in the natural landscape on the banks of the Langanadi River near NH-15.

As part of the Closing Day agenda, the public session of the event began with Borgeet, chorused by artists from the cultural department of the organization. It began with the chairman of the organization’s Rakinpur district unit, Chakradar Sonoir, under the control of Rakinpur district unit secretary Prafra Konwar and Narayanpur-Vipria district unit secretary Brogen Saikia.

The program was started by Jivan Bhuyan, a member of the Srimanta Sankardev Sangha Core Committee. He preached by Srimanta Sankardev, whose main purpose is the welfare of living things, a path to liberation from all evil and physical distress, and a unified society based on the ideology of integrity. Said to build. He thanked everyone who followed the teachings of Srimanta Sankardev and provided a relentless service to spread this ideology. Receptionist Chairman Nripen Saikia gave a welcome remark.

Meanwhile, Srimanta Sankardev Sangha Bhaben Deka’s Chief Adviser congratulated this opportunity as the appointed chair. In his talk, he shed light on Srimanta Sankardef’s spiritual philosophy and his great contribution to humanity. Participating in the program as Chief Guest, Srimanta Sankardev Sangha Padadhikar Kamalakanta Gogoi gave a lecture on Bhaktivada (Bhakti-ism) and academic and intellectual activities conducted by Srimanta Sankardev University.

Former Sewa Bahini Mukhya Adhinayak Sankar Saikia and numerous celebrities, members of the core committee of the organization, participated in the program as honorary guests. A total of 100 people were given warm blessings in the same program as a thank-you for their remarkable efforts to spread the San Caldef ideology. At night, Ankiya Bhaona Ram Vijay was staged by the artist of the Cultural Department of the organization’s Lakhimpur district unit and Sankari Sangeet Bidyalay.

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