The first edition of CSJMC Media Conclave ends in Dibrugarh

The first edition of CSJMC Media Conclave ends in Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH: The Center for Journalism and Mass Communication (CSJMC) at Dibrugarh University, one of the best media and communication institutions in northeastern India, has successfully hosted a two-day debut of “The Kaleido Conclave” in collaboration with Oil India Ltd. Duliajan and Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd, held at the Indira Miri Conference Hall at the University of Dibrugarh on Thursday.

Prominent media officials in northeastern India: Karma Paljor, Editor-in-Chief of East Mojo, Oinetom Oja, veteran journalist, Tridive Hazarica, OIL spokesman, and Jai, an independent filmmaker with the fame of Bagjan. Chen Zai Doftia attended on the first day and Binita Devi, a fellowship winner of the Guwahati-based Master Papetia Ministry of Culture, celebrated the opportunity on the second day.

The two-day event focused on key practices that continue to grow throughout the media, including journalism, public relations, film, and new media, and the importance of understanding the nuances of these diverse industries in academia. rice field.

In a message, Dr. Probin Kumar Gogoi, President of CSJMC at Dibrugarh University, said, “We are pleased to have successfully hosted the first edition of Kaleido Conclave ’22 hosted by CSJMC. Celebrating a gathering of media officials and students from prominent countries and regions. It enables fruitful exchanges and dialogues to bridge the gap between industry and academia. I hope we were able to achieve that with our debut version. ”The first session will be a new world of journalism, public relations and data and stories. It ignited a conversation about the convergence of telling and new practices in independent filmmaking.

Professor Deb Kumar Chakraborty, chief guest of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said how policies with the help of the media as a conduit can be a transformational agent to bring about the changes needed for education and overall national development. I emphasized how you have it.

East Mojo’s Karma Pulja, who participated as a resource person in new media, started the session and emphasized the importance of understanding the nuances of the digital news landscape. “It’s important to understand the digital audience. The future of digital media in the news context is not ground coverage, but fact-checking expertise alongside data journalism. Journalists as fact-finders. It plays an important role. It’s a bright future for it. ”