The famous Tezpur Litchi GI tag.Consignment products exported to London

The famous Tezpur Litchi GI tag.Consignment products exported to London

The prime minister said in a meeting with the media that 600 decisions have been made at cabinet meetings since the government came to power in May last year, with cabinet meetings taking place in Sirchar and Kokrajar, respectively, in July and August. According to the CM, a committee led by Chandra Mohan Patwari will be formed to report the number of decisions made out of 600 decisions, and this information will be submitted to the next cabinet.

To significantly boost the export of the famous Tezpur Litchi tagged with Indigenous Peoples and GI, Litchi consignments will be exported to London by the Agniger Farmer Producer Company through the Kiega test.

At the Tezpur Convention Center for today’s Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma attended a functional briefing to launch and taste Tezpur Litchi. Export of Tezpur Litchi to London will be handled by Agnigarh FarmerProducer Company through Kiegaexims in collaboration with AAU, Agricultural Sector, Sonitpur and NABARD, supported by AAU, APART, BNCA, AAU, Tezpur University and Sonitpu District Administration. “Exporting locally produced lychee berries will further help local farmers make more profits. It also boosts lychee production at local farmers in the district, which is lychee. Provides a long-awaited boost to the production of litchi in Tezpool. ”

“Tezpur Litchi” got a GI tag. This is indisputable evidence of its origin in the state and protects it from production elsewhere. These lychees are known for their excellent quality, pleasant flavor and attractive red-colored juicy flesh.

It is worth noting that geographical indications (GIs) are signs used on products that have a particular geographic origin and have a quality or reputation due to that origin.

The Cabinet has approved several beautification projects in Tezpur, the capital of the Sonitopur district. This includes an estimated 47.4 billion rupee elevated road in the center of town. Salma added that the state cabinet has also decided to approve rupees 450 million. Redevelopment of the historic Burn Theater. 15 rupees will be released to the Department of Water Resources for the dredging and beautification of Mora Barari.