The ceiling collapses at the Rakinpuru Cancer Center.Probe requested

The ceiling collapses at the Rakinpuru Cancer Center.Probe requested

LAKHIMPUR: A similar incident occurred at the Lakhimpur Cancer Center after the temporary ceiling collapsed in a building with the Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital (LMCH) a few days ago. On Saturday evening, two ceilings in the front of the Rakinpuru Cancer Center’s emergency ward fell off the superstructure of the building and collapsed. At that time, there was a light shower accompanied by a small storm, and the effects of rainwater are believed to be the main reason for the collapse of the two ceilings. However, no casualties have been reported from this incident.

In particular, about five structured ceilings in front of the LMCH’s ultrasonic chamber collapsed on May 13, and large amounts of water penetrated the building. The incident created a sensation throughout the district, and people questioned the quality of the work carried out by contractor Goutam Construction while constructing the LMCH building.

Similarly, there was a large reaction throughout the district after the collapse of the two ceilings at the Lakinpur Cancer Center. The incident also raised doubts and doubts about the quality of work carried out by the Larsen and Turbo (L & T) company, which invested Rs 12.7 billion to build the building of the Lakinpuru Cancer Center. Currently, hesitates to treat at both medical institutions, fearing an unexpected accident at a related building.

Various organizations and conscious people in the Lakhimpur district have called on the state government to begin investigating the collapse of the ceiling at the Lakhimpur Cancer Center and the quality of the work carried out by Larsen and Turbo. In this regard, they have called for immediate intervention by Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma and Health Minister Keshab Mahanta.

However, Sumit Sattawan, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Rakinpuru, dispatched a PWD engineer to investigate and investigate the situation at the Rakinpuru Cancer Center in the wake of the collapse of the ceiling. In this regard, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary told the correspondent while being contacted that it was an unfortunate incident.

“In fact, there was a small repair work on that part of the building. Suddenly a storm broke out and the workers couldn’t complete it. This is a disappointing event and what is the poor quality of the work? It doesn’t matter .. Also, it wasn’t because of the poor quality of the materials used. The company will repair the damage soon, “added the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary.