The bridge over the Subansiri River in Gunasti is no longer a distant dream

The bridge over the Subansiri River in Gunasti is no longer a distant dream

LAKHIMPUR: The bridge over the Subansiri River in Ghagar Ghat is no longer a distant dream for the underprivileged people living in the larger Ghunasuti area of ​​the Lakhimpur district. The Assam provincial government has approved the construction of a 2.4 km bridge over the river 383.67 rupees in Gunasti to connect the town of Rakinpur and Bevezia under the Daquakana district.

This decision was made at the 50th Cabinet Meeting of the State Government in Tezpur on Saturday. The provincial government said in a statement that the bridge would benefit the people of Rakinpur, Demaji and Majuri by reducing the distance between Rakinpur and Daquakana by about 20 km.

Several past Sentinel issues have published several reports on the elusive activity of development, underdeveloped conditions, flood and erosion issues, and poor road connectivity that has long affected the Gunasti region. it was done. These reports, published in newspapers, highlight the large-scale erosion problems caused by the Subansiri River, poor academic infrastructure and Gunasti’s dilapidated road communication system, even for the long 75 years after the country’s independence. did. These reports also explained how Brahmaputra’s largest tributary separated Gunasti from the mainland of the district, but the area is only 7 kilometers away from the headquarters of the Lakinpur district. Poor road connectivity is the root cause of the underdeveloped state of the region.

The construction of the bridge will solve the problems faced by the residents of Gunasti in their daily lives and cross the river in a boat operated by the borrower to contact the district headquarters. They are said to have been betrayed and exploited by borrowers each year by imposing high ferry fees by some dishonest employees. Local people are facing problems while shifting patients for advanced treatment in North Lakinpool during the night as ferry services remain closed. During the rainy season, they still have to cross the river, despite the threat posed by the flooded water of Subansiri radiated by the bridge. In addition, the bridge shortens the long distance of 85 km between North Rakinpur and Dakuakana to NH 15 via Gogamukh and only 35 km via the Gogamukh-Dakuakana National Highway. Similarly, the island district of Majuri is easily accessible in a reasonably short distance. The development of road connections to the bridge guarantees the development of more than 30,000 Gunasti people, along with academic, medical and other infrastructure.

Under these circumstances, as a result of continued demands from the local people, it was initiated by the powerful role of Rakinpuru Media, Bridges, Rakinpuru MLA Manabdeca, and various organizations in the district on the incumbent BJP-led state. A series of agitation programs The government has taken effective steps to build the same to activate the missing links of the road connection through the North Lakinpur-Dakakana connecting road via Gunasti. .. As a result, a proposal to build a bridge over the Subansiri River, the largest tributary of the powerful Brahmaputra, was incorporated into the Assam budget-2021-22 compiled by Ajanta Neog. It will be the third bridge following the RCC bridge in Chaoldhowa along NH-15 and the RCC bridge proposed to be built in Dhunaguri under the Bihpuriya Revenue Circle connecting the Lakhimpur and Majuli districts. The dire plight and problems faced by the people of Gunasti and those who have to go to Gunasti from the North Rakinpur and Daquakana plots are expected to end with the completion of the construction of the Gartgart Bridge.

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