Assam Family

The Assam family struggle to prove that they are Indian. Third time.

Three members of Assam’s family were notified of illegal immigration to India. The notice delivered on June 8 requires illegal entry into India between January 1, 1966 and March 23, 1971, and evacuation to court to prove citizenship. It was described as.

This notice confused Nata Sundari (66), her husband Kashi Nath Mandal (68) (a day laborer) and her son Govind (40).

This is the third time a family in the village of Balijankakari in Assam’s Sonitopur district has to prove that they are Indian.

In 2016, after filing a legal document, they were determined by the Sonitopur Court to be legitimate citizens of the country.

“My dad, Kashi Nath, received the notice again in 2018. This is the second time he has received such a notice. We dispute it in court and the judgment is my dad. Then my dad told the security judge that he was tired of proving that he was an Indian in his homeland and wanted to be legally harassed again. No, “he said.

He stated that 38 members of their communal family had names in the 1951 National Citizenship Register. This is a citizen of the country and, most importantly, a requirement to stay in Assam.