The 71st founding date of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council was observed

The 71st founding date of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council was observed

HOWRAGHAT: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) celebrated the 71st Foundation Day on Saturday. The celebration of KAAC’s founding day is in honor of former district leaders such as the first CEM of the former Micker Hills District Council, Kharsing Terang, Semson Sing Engti, and Karbi Adorbar founder Sarsing Teron (Langkung Habe). started.

Raju Tisso, Chairman and CEM of KAAC, decorated the statues of Kharsing Terang and Semson Sing Engti. Tricolor was posted at the KAAC Secretariat by KAAC President Raju Tisso. The Foundation Day celebration was held at Dip’s Sir Sing Theron (Lang Kung Have) City Hall.

While working on the Foundation Day celebration, Tuliram Ronghang called for unity and called for everyone to work together to build the new Karbi Anglong. “We want to establish peace, unity, and overall development of Karbi Anglong. We want to build a new Karbi Anglong, for which all communities, social organizations, political parties, We need the help of intellectuals. ”“ Team Calbian Ron ”has promised to ensure the development of a 24-hour system in the two hills, CEM added.

Regarding the need to maintain a working culture, Mr. Longhan said civil servants working under KAAC’s jurisdiction need to spend more time to smoothly implement all government-developed systems. ..

CEM strictly required all employees in all departments working under KAAC’s jurisdiction to attend the office from 10 am to 5 pm. All offices are monitored by CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras will soon be installed in all offices to record employee attendance. Employees who remain absent without notifying the office will not be exempted and appropriate measures will be taken, Mr. Longhan warned.

Outstanding students and national award winners, including Krishnarina Carita, Memento Nata, and Claret Ronhampi, who performed well in the recent HSLC final exams, were commended. In addition, KAAC employees who dedicated their services on time were awarded the “Best Employee Award” at the celebration of the anniversary of their founding.