Eighteen students and three others were accused of being killed and killed in a shooting at a U.S. school

Texas shooter was bullied at school and disrupted family life: Report

According to media reports, 18-year-old gunman Salvador Roland Ramos, who shot and killed 21 people in a Texas school, including 19 children, works as a night manager in Uvarde, a small working-class community in Wendy’s. rice field. He wore a bulletproof vest, stepped into Rob Elementary School with a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle, and fired at the children. The archer’s motives remain unknown.

US media reports that people who knew him quoted him as saying, “I liked to make jokes.” The New York Times told a colleague at his office that “he got in the way of managing himself,” but no one really knew him.

According to the New York Times, the two parents who said they were friends of the shooter’s family described him as serious and said he was temperamental. Some recalled that he often spoke to his mother when he was young. But both were surprised that he could commit such violence.

State police said Ramos shot and seriously injured his grandmother at her home before heading to school.

The Washington Post reported that his friends and relatives had described him as “bullied by a childhood speech disorder, suffering from family life, and recently and for many years being severely beaten by peers and strangers.” He said he was lonely 18 years old.