Separatist Yasin Malik pleads guilty to terrorist-related incidents

Terrorist Yasin Malik "Gandian Principles" Claims shredded by the judge

A court in Delhi rejected the allegation that Kashmir’s separatist leader Yasin Malik was following Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence on Wednesday, despite massive violence involving the valley. He did not blame the violence and said he did not withdraw the protest calendar.

Special Judge Praveen Singh also dismissed Malik’s allegation that he had abandoned his gun in 1994, after which he was recognized as a legitimate politician, stating that “in my opinion there was no reform of this prisoner.” rice field.

“It may be correct that the prisoner gave up his gun in 1994, but he never expressed regret for the violence he committed before 1994. Since 1994, he has given up on the path of violence. The Government of India took it at face value, gave it an opportunity for reform, and in good faith attempted a meaningful dialogue with him and gave him, as he acknowledged, to express his opinion. Any platform of “.

However, the prisoners did not stop the violence, as discussed in the indictment order, the court said.

“Rather, he betrayed the good intentions of the government and took another path to organize violence in the guise of political struggle. He claimed to have been at the forefront of the struggle. Evidence based on which allegations were assembled and which convictions pleaded guilty is another way of saying. “