Tea workers protesting non-payment of salary in Dibrugarh

Tea workers protesting non-payment of salary in Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH: On Wednesday, a tea worker in a tea garden owned by the state’s Apeejay Tea Group protested against non-payment of salaries.

In Dibrugarh, workers at the Ka-Zan Tea Garden in Panitra protested under the banner of Assam Chamad Sanga (ACMS). Workers with placards and banners protested the management of the tea plantations. Former Parliamentary MLA and ACMS Central Vice President Raju Sahu led the protests of workers in the Kharjan Tea Garden.

“All Apeejay-owned tea garden workers are participating in protests in their respective gardens. The Apeejay Group owns 17 tea gardens in Assam. The company has been in the past few months. Not paying staff and workers. Not only that, they neglected to pay reserves and rewards to their employees, which is equivalent to a few chlores. ”

“There are other problems, such as lack of housing equipment for workers, dilapidated existing staff dormitories, lack of drinking water facilities, etc. Workers have been searching for solutions to these problems over the past few years. However, management was unable to address these issues. Workers are left with no choice but to be upset. ” ACMS leaders also announced a series of upsets against the Apeejay Tea Group within a few days.

“On May 17, ACMS, the state’s largest tea-workers’ union, will stage Dana in front of the Labor Relations Commission’s aide offices in all districts where Apeejay-owned tea gardens are located. May 31 Sit in front of Gwahati’s Labor Relations Commission, and on June 8th, a 24-hour lockdown was called at all 17 tea gardens in the Apeejay group. ”

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