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"Tax cuts on fuel, not imported liquor": Center vs state after PM attack

With Narendra Modi’s live broadcast yesterday, opposition prime ministers are pushing back with sharp words in an escalating line with the center over states that haven’t cut taxes to lower gasoline and diesel prices.

Prime Minister Modi pointed out rising fuel prices in many opposition-dominated countries during the meeting in Covid, calling it “fraud” and lowering gasoline and diesel VAT to help the general public. I urged the prime minister. He agreed that many states would call for a center to reduce VAT after the government cut excise taxes in November and named Maharastra, West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand and Tamirnadu. He said he didn’t.

In response to the fierce opposition from the opposition Prime Minister, Federal Chancellor Hardeep Puri sneered that gasoline would be cheaper if the opposition cut taxes on fuel instead of liquor.

“If opposition-controlled states cut taxes on fuel instead of imported liquor, gasoline will be cheaper! The Maharastra state government imposes 32.15 rupees / liter on gasoline, and parliament-controlled Rajastan is 29.10 rupees. Protests can’t challenge the facts! “-Puri tweeted this morning.

The swipe landed as Telangana Prime Minister K Chandra Sekaralao said he “should feel embarrassed” to ask the state for a tax cut, emphasizing that there has been no fuel tax hike in his state since 2015. ..