"Tantric said he would lose ...": Telangana's Amit Shah Jabs KCR

"Tantric said he would lose …": Telangana’s Amit Shah Jabs KCR

Congress, the BJP, and the Telangana Rashtra Sumity (TRS) have already begun training each other on guns as the Telangana voting battle intensifies next year. In a recent attack on Prime Minister K Chandrashekar Lao, Federal Interior Minister and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah said that some of the Tantrics (occult) would lose the next election when he went, so he He cursed him by saying he wouldn’t go to the state secretariat. “You don’t need a tantric to say that, the youth of Telangana will abandon you,” he said on the final day of the month-long “Prajasanglamayatra” Phase 2 in Telangana on his day. He said while addressing at a public conference-a long visit to the state on Saturday.

Calling the KCR-led government “corrupted and useless,” he urged the audience to give a missed call to the party’s phone number to express support for state BJP chief Bandy Sanjay Kumar. ..

The Minister of Interior pointed out the promises made during the creation of Telangana and asked the audience if they were fulfilled. “I want to remind the people of Telangana that KCR promised Neil (Wed), Nidur (Funds) and Niyamakar (Work). Did any of them be achieved? We fulfill those promises. Water, Funding, providing work, “he said.

Mr Shah also attacked the Prime Minister on peasant issues, Dalits, OBC, and commitments to critical infrastructure development.

“You promised to give up the peasant’s loan … you promised a 2bhk apartment … you didn’t give .. you promised Dalit 50,000 rupees … You promised all the Dalits three acres of land … you didn’t “give 30 cents,” he said.