Tamulpur's youth captures his unique weaving skills

Tamulpur’s youth captures his unique weaving skills

TAMULPUR: Bijoy Das, a 20-year-old man living in the village of Borkhopa in the Tamulpur district, became a hot topic on social media after weaving Assam’s most iconic landmarks and unique hand-woven “gamocha”. .. Young people from humble origin are reportedly paying for education using the money they earn from selling hand-woven products. Bijoy Das, a fourth-semester student studying at Longia University, is a talented artist, poet and master of Bihu’s dance.

In response to media outlets about why he weaves “gamocha” like him, he said: “I love my Assam culture and want to preserve it throughout my life. Inspire me. There are many iconic figures who have given us rations. “” Vijoy Das informed the writer that he had learned how to weave by looking at his mother since he was a child. In one “Gamocha”, Rokpriya Gopinas Boldroy, singer Deepari Voltacourt, Angalag Papon Mahanta, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, singer Zubin Garg, writers Homen Borgohain and Mamoni Roisom Goswami, and culturally. It incorporates the image of Joti Prasad Agarwara of Doyen. In the same “Gamocha”, he also etched the famous Kamakka Temple.

Below these figures, he also created a map of Assam. In a media question, Bijoy’s mother said, “I’m glad I did this after learning from me. I can make flowers with’Gamocha’, but I can’t make faces on cloth like he does. Another In “gamocha” he etched the words of the Assamese national anthem “OMur Apunar Desh”.

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