Tamar Kanti Banik appointed as new Speaker of Parliament for Kacha

Tamar Kanti Banik appointed as new Speaker of Parliament for Kacha

Silchar: The troubled Kacha Conference finally has a new boss as a state agency has appointed Tamar Kanti Banik as president (in charge) of the district unit. The Karimganj parliament, which has also been beaten up among various lobby executives, has appointed Rajat Chakraborti as the new president. Meanwhile, Shamsuddin Barlaskar was appointed by the APCC as the new district president. An order signed by State Legislature Secretary-General Appulba Batacharji on Wednesday announced the appointment of new presidents in six districts.

Congress at Cachar has been a troubled home for at least eight years. Despite Susumita Fat’s victory in the 2014 general election in Modiwave, the Sirchar parliament began to erode rapidly. Susumita, a leading parliamentary debater, has proven inefficient in managing her hometown. The collapse began with the 2015 By-elections of the Sirchar Parliament, after which the party was in a more difficult situation with each election. In the last parliamentary election, Congress won two of the seven seats in the district, but the price the party had to pay to AIUDF was much higher. Opposed to building an alliance with the AIUDF, Fat left Congress, joined the TMC, and created Rep. Rajya Saba by Mamata Banerjee. The dissidents who teamed up with Susumita were involved in betrayal. APCC appointed veteran Arun Dutta Majumdar as interim president, but he too was unable to keep the house tidy.

Last month, executives were seen fighting each other in a party office in front of Appulba Batacharji. A major twist in the Sirchar parliament was a division of the community as Muslim members claimed to be cornered by leaders, even though the minority was still a voting bank that saved the party’s face.

Against this background, Wednesday’s Banick became president. Banick, a former local chairman, challenged the last parliamentary election but failed. Banick, an ace stage performer and a leading young businessman, was friendly to the townspeople, but he was always considered an amateur and part-time politician.

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