Talk about "Indian Army Initiative for Independence"

Talk about “Indian Army Initiative for Independence”

Tezpur: At the ongoing Northeastern Research Conclave, a lecture on “Atmanil Barbarat-Indian Army Initiative for Independence” was given by Lt Gen DS Rana AVSM, YSM, SM, commander of the Gajuraji Corps in Guwahati’s Boupen Hazarica Auditorium. It was done. The talks were in line with the Indian Government’s vision of leadership at the top and an initiative by the Indian Army focused on the integration of civilian military installations in the field of independence.

In the course of his talk, he described the characteristics of future combat based on emerging technologies and applications in multi-domain environments including land, air, sea, cyber, information and space. He said future battlefields would be shaped by the technological advantages that drive results.

The need for Atmanil Balata in the defense sector was further emphasized by the speakers in the changing global geopolitical situation and the dynamic security environment along the Indian border. He found that independence would be an important element of military power. In his speech, he also highlighted the steps taken in the defense sector under the Atamnirbhar initiative. He said there is a need to encourage research and innovation at academic institutions that focus on specific disruptive technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and drones.

The Armabirbhar initiative, conducted by the military, was also featured in lectures leading to the creation of the Army Design Department, the use of start-up culture, and the promotion of private military cooperation by the iDeX initiative to promote innovation and technology development. He has also carried out a total of 287 research projects, and institutions such as IIT Guwahati, which has set up in-depth student exchanges and collaborative cooperation with many countries, undertake defense-related R & D and work with industry partners. It was revealed that it is also possible to promote the offer.

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