Supreme Court Judge Who Heard Nupur Sharma Plea Slams

Supreme Court Justice Hearing Nupur Sharma Plea Slams "Personal attack"

The judge, who was part of the Supreme Court’s bench accusing the BJP of Nupur Sharma for her comments on the Prophet Muhammad, today about a personal attack on the judge for their judgment. I made a strong remark. “A personal attack on the judge’s decision leads to a dangerous scenario,” said JB Paldiwara, who was part of the bench, who said a former BJP spokesperson needed to apologize nationwide. Stated.

Both Judge Paldiwara and Judge Slyakant were targeted by users on social media after making oral comments to Nupur Sharma during her plea hearing.

Nupur Sharma appeared in the Supreme Court and demanded that all the first information reports registered against her nationwide be forwarded together to Delhi.

In her petition, she and her family faced security threats and they also said they needed protection.

In their observations, the judge also questioned why Nupur Sharma was not arrested and held her responsible for “igniting national sentiment.”