"Floor tests determine who makes up the majority": Sharad Power on the Senna Crisis

Supporting Uddhav Thackley to the last minute, says Sharad Power

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Prime Minister Sharad Powerle announced Uddhav Thackeley on Sunday as the future of the Maha Bikas Agadi (MVA) government is uncertain following the rebellion of a majority of Shiv Sena MLA. He said he would support the last minute. ..

“Eknath Shinde and other MLAs have participated in the government’s NCP. It hasn’t been a problem for the last 2.5 years. Why does it only happen today? That’s just an excuse. Supporting CMUddhav Thackeray to the last minute. “.” Said Mr. Power.

Sharad Pawar also said that the new MLA alliance of rebels was of little importance, as the power struggle in the western states continued on Sunday.

“Although Eknath Shinde and other MLAs who went with him (to Guwahati) said they would form a new alliance, it is clear that the NCP and parliamentary policies support the coalition government we have formed. I would like to continue to support. “

The political turmoil in Maharashtra was caused by a faction war at Shiv Sena after Minister Enat Sinde flew to Surat with some MLA and then to Guwahati. Shiv Sena.