''Sunday Morning Ko Breakfast Tum Banaoge'' Marriage Contract of Couple Goes Viral

“Sunday Morning, Ko Breakfast Tum Banaoge”‘ Goes Viral

These videos often go viral on social networks. A similar video of the groom and bride signing a “wedding contract” after their wedding has gone viral recently on social media.

This newly-married couple, who are from Assam, has drawn the attention of internet users by signing an exclusive ‘wedding agreement’ for their marriage. Shanti and Mehfil have created a unique ‘wedding agreement’ that covers what happens after marriage. The contract, which was shared by Wedlock Photography on Instagram, covers everything.

“Just one pizza per month. I will never take it home. The groom made these promises to the bride, and she has also signed them.

“Sunday Morning Ko breakfast Tum Banaoge” (On Sundays, you only will prepare breakfast). You will take nice photos of me at each party. I will be taken shopping by you after 15 days. After requesting these items from her husband, and having agreed to the terms of the agreement, the groom signed the contract.

This video has been viewed more than 1,973,788 times and has become viral via social media. The video is viewed over 40 million times and has received more than 92,000 comments.

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