SUCI (C) Assam State Commission protests in Rakinpur

SUCI (C) Assam State Commission protests in Rakinpur

LAKHIMPUR: The Assam State Commission of the SUCI (Communist) Party demands appropriate relief and compensation from flood-affected state people during the State Request Week from June 23 to June 29. I asked.

In response to this call, a protest rally was held in the town of North Rakinpur on Wednesday. It marched from DK Road Chariali via Bazarpati to the Lakhimpur DC Office under the leadership of the party’s Rakinpur District Committee. Workers and supporters gathered ignoring heavy rains, providing adequate food and drinking water to flood-affected people, providing medical care in flood-affected areas, and people who lost their homes. Crushed the streets with the slogan demanding that they provide appropriate compensation for the flood property, to realize the plight of the flood-affected people.

The party then submitted two separate memorandums to the Prime Minister and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rakinpuru to draw attention to the unprecedented floods.

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