Students appeal to a 10-hour hunger strike at Sipajhar

Students appeal to a 10-hour hunger strike at Sipajhar

Mangalai: Various social organizations in the Dalan area, including all Dalan District Student Residents’ Associations, have decided to instantly convert the NH15 range from the zero point of Baihatachariari to the mission Chariari of Tezpur to a four-lane highway. Requesting. However, the Government of India did not listen to this true demand and turned the extension of NH15 into a killer highway. The recent tragic death of five morning pedestrians at Sipajhar caused by a speeding truck on May 24 again reflects the government’s gross negligence in the safety and security of the common people.

From a strategic defense perspective, the NH 15 is the only highway connecting the Redhorn Division of the Indian Army and the Gajaraj Corps of Tezpur, with connections to key locations such as the Tenga Valley, Tawan and Mekka. .. When the Bogibir Bridge on the Brahmaputra River, which connects the north bank of Demaji and the south bank of Dibrugarh, opened, the relevant departments of the Indian government were not paying attention to the possibility of increased vehicle traffic at NH15. Heavy-duty trucks from outside the state to Tinsukia and Dibrugarh utilize NH 15 to avoid the already crowded NH 37 via Guwahati.

This sudden increase in vehicle traffic at NH 15 poses a great threat to the general life of the town of Dalan District Headquarters, the commercial center of Baihatachariari, Sipajar, Mangaldai, Carpetia, Dalgaon, Rota and Dekiajuri. Brought.

Following the recent tragic deaths of five unlucky morning pedestrians, office bearers, and members of the All Darrang District Student Union (ADDSU) at Sipajhar, Thursday’s All Assam Student’Union district unit is ten. I appealed to the Hunger Strike Program of Time. Sipajhar immediately converted the NH 15 section from Baihatachariari to Tezpur into a four-lane highway and demanded sanctions for free relief equivalent to Rs. 200,000 rupees next to the deceased and rupee relatives. 100,000 rupees for the injured.

In a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister through the Deputy Secretary, ADDSU also demanded the establishment of a medical college in Daran, the upgrade of Sipajhar PHC to a 200-bed hospital, and the construction of a bridge over the Brahmaputra River connecting Narengi. Kurwa and Guwahati in the Daran district.

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