State Level Recruitment Exam: No untoward incident reported in Lakhimpur district

Lakhimpur: State-level Recruitment Exam: Not one untoward incident was reported

LAKHIMPUR, Sunday saw peaceful examinations by the State Level Recruitment Commission (Class-IV) for various government department posts. Exams were conducted in 40 centers in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00 pm, and in 6 other centres during the second part of the day from 2:00 to 4:00. The total number of 13160 was 87.24? 13,160 (87.24%) of the 15,084 candidates took the test in the morning, while 342 (23.32%) candidates from 3919 appeared in second.

All districts were subject to strict surveillance and security procedures. Candidates were prohibited from bringing mobile phones with them to examination centers. The candidates could not bring their mobile phones to the examination centres. To prevent any malpractices, the mobile internet service in the area was also suspended for four hours.

Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate of Lakhimpur, Sumit Sattawan has promulgated 144 CrPC in the place within the 100 metres radius of the exam centres to conduct the said exams in free, fair and transparent manner, to restrict the involvement of any undesired external influence, malpractices during the entire examination process, which might vitiate the peaceful environment in and around the exam venues and to prevent the possibility of unscrupulous elements resorting to unfair means to disturb the free, fair and transparent exam process in and around the examination centers which is likely to create obstruction, annoyance or injury to any person lawfully employed.

None of the examination centres in the district were subject to any untoward incidents. The entire exam went smoothly, with no disruptions or malpractice,” Sumit Sattawan (Deputy Commissioner) stated while being contacted. He expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed in ensuring that the exam process was free, fair, transparent, and peaceful.

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