Startup owners provide work for fathers' marriage matches. afterwards...

Startup owners provide work for fathers’ marriage matches. afterwards…

All parents want to find the perfect life partner for their children. Some try to do so by informing all relatives when their child reaches marriageable age, while others use the marriageable age website.

But what happened recently when the father transferred the groom’s profile to his daughter left the internet split. My daughter used the marriage site most humorously and creatively.

So what did your daughter, Udita Pal, co-founder of Salt, based in Bangalore, a fintech platform that facilitates international transactions, do? Pal tried to hire a man whose father shared a profile with her. Yes, you are reading that right!

Pal also went ahead and shared a screenshot of his father’s reaction when he learned what he had done.

Her father’s text says, “Can you speak? Suddenly.”