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SRK couldn’t help Ab Ram during a chat session with his fans

Shah Rukh Khan, who has a very busy schedule, took the time to answer questions for his fans during a live Instagram session on Saturday. Do you ask on that occasion? Well, the superstar has finished 30 years in Boliwood. During the session, Instagram users asked SRK, “Can I see AbRam together at this live?” Shah Rukh Khan, who has begun to lose his son a lot, has revealed that Abram is currently on vacation. “I hope so. I wish he was here, but he isn’t here with me. He’s on vacation now. I want him to be here.” Said SRK. Then he searched around for pictures of AbRam and said, “I miss him now. Thank you for missing AbRam more than before.” “The next time I go out to meet someone, I’ll take him or attend the next live session,” SRK added.

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Meanwhile, Gauri Khan shouted to her husband, SRK, in an Instagram post. She shares the new look of SRK from Pathaan and writes: I’m trying harder today than yesterday, “she said.