Sri Lanka Runs Out Of Fuel, Only Essential Services To Operate Till July 10

Sri Lanka runs out of fuel and only services essential to operate until July 10

Sri Lanka, which has been hit by a major economic crisis, is short of fuel and only the services it needs will be operational from midnight. The list of mandatory services includes health, law and order, ports, airports, food distribution and agriculture. All non-essential services will be suspended until July 10th and existing fuel stocks are reserved for mandatory services. The government has also introduced a token system for distributing fuel.

Government spokesman Bandura Gunawaldana said, “From midnight today, we want to save a small amount of reserves we have, so fuel except for critical services such as the health sector,” according to news agency AFP. Will not be sold. “

Schools remain closed and employees in private offices are required to work from home. Government officials are being asked to choose to work from home.

This is the first time that 22 million island nations have run out of fuel. Since the beginning of this year, fuel prices have jumped five-fold. The last price increase took place yesterday.

The price of diesel is retailed at 460 Sri Lan Rupees and gasoline is retailed at 550 per liter.