Sri Lanka: Former President Sirisena calls for a new poll

Sri Lanka: Former President Sirisena calls for a new poll

Addressing at a Mayday rally hosted by his party in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka’s former president and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Chairman Mitry Parla Sirisena called for a new election in the country on Sunday.

Mr Sirisena said politicians should stand by the people when the country was facing a great tragedy and said they went out on the streets on May Day for this purpose, Colombopage reported.

“If an innocent suffering farmer or civil servant from the country’s wealthiest people asks the government to go home, the government will not leave, so I went to the street too. I want to create a new government in the government. Country. We will do that, “Sirisena was reportedly said by Colombo Page.

The former president added that he cannot stay home when the people are suffering from thousands of problems in the country.

“Polonnaruwa farmers who dreamed of self-sufficient farming from the Moragahakanda Reservoir can no longer cultivate on a daily basis. Today, they are attending a working-class Mayday rally that raises the voice of the farmers. And expressed a challenge to the problem and the ruling class of the country, “sairsena was reportedly said.