"Smoke Cannabis, Avoid Alcohol": BJP MLA's "Advice" On Preventing Crimes

"Smoke Cannabis, Avoid Alcohol": BJP MLA's "Advice" On Preventing Crimes

Krishnamurti Bandhi (Chhattisgarh BJP) has made a controversial comment about alcohol. His controversial statement regarding alcohol was that cannabis and hemp should be consumed instead.

According to him, alcohol can increase crimes such as rape and murder. Hemp and cannabis don’t increase these types of crimes.

Congress strongly condemned the statement by the BJP MLA, and questioned the legitimacy of a public representative encouraging addiction.

It is my opinion, and I have discussed the matter in the Assembly in the past. It was my understanding that somewhere alcohol is responsible for murder, rape, and quarrel. However, I asked the House to clarify whether someone who consumes bhang had ever committed murder, rape or dacoity . To meet the addiction requirement and ban liquor, a committee has been constituted (in the state),” said Krishnamurti Bandhi while talking to reporters on the sidelines of a programme in Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district on Saturday.

The committee needs to think of how they can make progress towards bhang (cannabis) and ganja. They should only be given substances that do not lead to murder, rape or any other offenses if people are looking for addiction. “It is just my opinion,” he said.