Skill improvement and career counseling program held in Shibusagar

Skill improvement and career counseling program held in Shibusagar

SIVASAGAR: As part of the Skills Improvement Initiative, Garhgaon College’s Faculty of Education held an interclass discussion program on Thursday to hone students’ microteaching skills. Dr. Bidyananda Kakoti, Dean of the Department, participated as a resource person in the program and shared his knowledge and expertise with students. He pointed out six different skills in microteaching.

A total of 150 students actively participated along with the faculty members of the faculty. The program was moderated by Bhaskar Gogoi, Secretary-General of Gargaon College.

The Faculty of Sociology at Gargaon University also conducted a career counseling program on Friday in collaboration with the university’s counseling and guidance cells. The event was presided over by Dean Mina Rovidas and was launched by Dr. Lina Handik, Vice-Principal of Gargaon University. Dr. Dilip Kumardeka, event resource person and counseling and guidance cell coordinator, pointed out the importance of the field of sociology and its career options. IQAC coordinator Dr. Surajit Saikia also attended the event, encouraging students to teach students a growth mindset to excel in life.

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